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Sport & Outdoor

Polygiene is the market leader in this segment. The following are good examples of the Company’s success in the Sport & Outdoor segment.


A well-known and prestigious brand in the Outdoor industry. Patagonia has been very successful in demonstrating the added value of co-branding with Polygiene.

Patagonia & Polygiene

Within the Sport & Outdoor segment, Patagonia is considered by many as the most reputable company in terms of environmental care, health and safety, functionality, design and quality. They have a very strict selection process for their suppliers. The importance of Patagonia becoming a brand partner back in 2012 cannot be stressed enough. This event paved the way for Polygiene partnerships with other U.S. brands.

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Probably Europe’s most well-known sports brand and one of the world’s largest sportswear companies. Adidas enjoys impressive brand credentials within sports. This,
no doubt, gave Polygiene a stamp of quality when the Company successfully established itself as a supplier to Adidas. Polygiene is now being introduced to increasingly more Adidas products, making Adidas one of the Company’s fastest growing accounts. As in the case of Patagonia, the collaboration with Adidas has opened doors for Polygiene.


The leading brand and the largest producer of fashionable women’s activewear, including yoga wear, in the U.S. Athleta is also one of Polygiene’s fastest growing accounts.

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A major Italian outdoor footwear manufacturer that just a few years ago expanded into sportswear and accessories. La Sportiva has established close cooperation with Polygiene to the mutual satisfaction of both companies. La Sportiva includes Polygiene in all of its product launches for its base- and mid-layer apparel, and is happy to share the benefits of Polygiene with its retail staff and customers.


One of the hunting and fishing industry’s fastest growing brands of performance apparel in the U.S. This market segment appreciates the benefits of Polygiene odor control technology, and Sitka is very satisfied with its cooperation with Polygiene. This is the first major hunting and fishing brand to join Polygiene as a brand partner, and a solid partnership with Sitka promises future growth opportunities.


A leading Swedish premium brand of protective gear (helmets, gloves, body armor and knee pads) and clothing. POC has consistently and successfully introduced Polygiene into its products, and it now uses Polygiene in bicycle and ski helmets, gloves and increasingly more product lines.