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How does Polygiene stack up against competitors?

Today Polygiene is the market leader in the odor control segment, with regard to technology leadership as well as brand recognition.

The Company has taken on the task of establishing and developing the odor control/Polygiene Stays Fresh® category for textiles in various segments.

Polygiene is the global category leader within the Sport & Outdoor segment and has taken advantage of this position in order to expand its category leadership to other segments.

The Company has demonstrated it can deliver a safe comprehensive solution to the apparel and premium brands that contain Polygiene, something that no competitor has yet been able to duplicate. However, there are other chemical suppliers who, purely on a technical level, can deliver viable preparations, but so far no competitor has succeeded in building a comprehensive concept. The Polygiene concept is based on careful testing throughout the entire value chain as well as quality assurance of all the various applications. In the odor control segment, Polygiene is considered by its partners – both upstream and downstream – as the market leader both in terms of its odor control technology and its co-branding appeal.

In addition, Polygiene is safe to use next to the skin. Treated garments do not cause any skin irritation and do not interfere with the skin’s natural bacteria. No competitor in the industry has succeeded in building a co-brand in the odor control category like Polygiene has. The Company’s consistent and systematic approach in offering its customers value-added co-branding is also unique. Significant resources are invested in training customer employees and in marketing in order to continually increase the value of the Polygiene brand as well as the value of partner brands that use Polygiene in their products. Through co-branding, Polygiene helps both its partners’ brands and its partners’ retailers with marketing and with communicating a clear customer benefit to consumers. Polygiene provides its partner brands with peace of mind and added value.