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Dividend policy

Dividend policy is determined by the Annual General Meeting based on proposal from the Board of Directors, and distribution of dividends is processed by Euroclear.

The right to receive dividends flows to the shareholder registered in the Company stock register maintained by Euroclear as of the record date for the issue of the dividend as determined by the Annual General Meeting. Dividends are normally paid in a cash amount per share through Euroclear, but may also be paid as other than cash, as through a distribution in kind. In the event a shareholder cannot be contacted for payment of a dividend, the shareholder’s receivable shall remain against the Company, and is limited only by general statutory limitations law. In the event the statutory limitation is passed, the entire amount reverts to the company. Polygiene does not apply any restrictions or special procedures in regard to issuing cash dividends to shareholders domiciled outside Sweden. Except for possible limits imposed by the banking and clearing systems, payment is made in the same way as for shareholders domiciled in Sweden. Normally, withholding tax is deducted from dividend payments to shareholders who are not tax residents of Sweden. 

The amounts of possible future dividends issued to shareholders in Polygiene will depend upon several factors including profits, financial position, cash flow, and requirements for operating capital. Dividends to shareholders will not be issued until the long-term profitability of the Company can be determined. In the coming years, the company does not anticipate issuing any dividends, as all available assets will be used for continued expansion.

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