Ulrika Björk


Born 1968, employed since 2017 and has a B.Sc Business and Economics from Lunds University. Ulrika was first recruited as CFO in Polygiene but was appointed as CEO in the end of year 2017. She has an extensive career within the finance area and business development and experience from restructuring processes. Ulrika was previously CFO at Hemmakväll AB, Head of Finance at Stena Line Travel Group AB, Controller at Kemira AB and held various financial positions within the IKEA-group. She also has board experience from Stena Line Travel Group AB, Hemmakväll AB and Best Travel A/S both as ordinary member as well as adjunct.

Holdings in Polygiene: 88,400 shares, 100,000 warrants 2018/2021, 100,000 warrants 2019/2022 and 100,000 warrants 2020/2023.

Nina Forsvall


Born 1965, employed since 2020. Nina has a B.Sc Business and Economics from Lunds University. She has held various positions within Finance and HR and has a broad experience from building structure and processes in fast growing companies. Nina has previously worked at Awapatent AB, Ipendo AB, Donya Labs AB and most recently at Bühler Nordic.

Holdings in Polygiene: 60,000 shares, 37,500 warrants 2020/2023.

Andreas Holm

CCO, acting CMO

Born 1972, employed since 2020. Andreas has an MBA from Henley Management College. He previously worked as Sales Director at Thule Group AB, Marketing Manager at DaimlerChrysler AS and did run his own company focusing on sportswear clothing.

Holdings in Polygiene: 3,300 shares.

Dane Momcilovic


Born 1976, employed since 2020. Dane holds a Master of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering and a Doctor Degree in Analytical Chemistry from Lunds University (Lunds Tekniska Högskola). He previously worked as Group R&D Manager at Diab Group AB and as CTO at Nexam Chemical AB.

Holdings in Polygiene: 27,300 shares.

Daniel Röme


Born 1976, member of the Board from May 2018 to May 2020 and operational in the company since January 2019. Daniel holds a PhD in Chemistry and a Master of Science in Chemistry from Lunds University (Lunds Tekniska Högskola). He has experience of working in leading positions within innovation and business- and product development. Daniel has previously worked at Perstorp AB and Nexam Chemical AB and is currently a consultant in his own company, Rome Consulting AB, with assignments for various companies.

Holdings in Polygiene: 233,661 shares.