These are the principles that guide our business decisions and position us for long-term success. They equip us to inspire confidence in our customers and our employees, help us navigate change, manage disruption and deliver value to our stakeholders.


Polygiene® shall be the leading global brand for odor control, making it possible for consumers to stay fresh in an effective and environmentally sustainable way.


Polygiene® is the market-leading ingredient brand for stays fresh solutions. In partnership with clothing and product brands, we deliver a product that is effective, safe to use, prolongs product life, contributes to a more sustainable lifestyle as well as a more profitable business for our partners.


Polygiene® shall be the leading global brand in Stays Fresh technologies, leading
a sustainability leap towards less waste through changed consumer behaviors.

We believe in long-term relationships and work with our partners from development and manufacturing all the way to the end-consumer. We add value to our partners’ brands and products, not just through our technological innovations, but also via the Polygiene® brand that creates consumer interest, demand and purchase.

Our stays fresh technologies are embedded into materials during the manufacturing process and become an intrinsic part of the manufactured product, providing odor control, protection against viruses and bacteria, and ensuring products stays fresh longer.

This means we’re an ingredient brand – invisible to the naked eye – but adding considerable value to a product and delivering credible benefits to the end-consumer.

We work with apparel, footwear, home textiles and gear brands across their entire value chain – from development and manufacturing to marketing, distribution and customer support. We have a global network of regional offices, distributors and agents.

Together with our partners, we ensure that we communicate effectively to build the Polygiene brand. Creating preference among consumers means that we have to educate them to appreciate the benefits of our technology – odor control, protection against viruses and bacteria, and its positive effects on the environment because Polygiene treated items do not require frequent washing.

From the start, we have been focused on building the Polygiene brand and have managed to create significant customers awareness around it. Brand recognition also increases the perceived value of Polygiene-treated products and creates a point of differentiation for them. We work closely with our partners to help them leverage the Polygiene brand. For Polygiene-treated products, we provide hang tags and sew-in labels that communicate the benefits of our technologies. We also help with messaging and communication including Public Relations, retail and sales staff training, sales material, events, digital sales campaigns, and social media.

But our best brand advocates are the happy and satisfied consumers who experience the benefits of Polygiene first-hand and spread the word to friends and family.

Going forward, ingredient brands like Polygiene are expected to take about 70–80 % of the addressable market and charge a +20% higher retail price. Which means that a brand that is able to establish itself as the leader in its category will benefit from winner-takes-all market dynamics. Based on Polygiene’s total offering with its unique combination of technology and brand building in close cooperation with partners, we expect to achieve robust organic growth in line with our vision, mission and strategy