Today Polygiene® is the clear consumer-oriented market leader in the odor, bacteria and virus control segment when it comes to technology leadership and brand recognition.

We have demonstrated that we can deliver effective and safe stays fresh technologies and solutions to the apparel, gear and home textile industry. This is something that no competitor has been able to replicate.

Expectedly, there are some competitors who have tried to imitate and deliver similar offerings. But so far, no competitor has succeeded in delivering a comprehensive concept and building the kind of brand that Polygiene® has.

The Polygiene concept is based on meticulous testing and painstaking detail throughout the entire value chain. In the stays fresh segment, we are considered by our partners – both upstream and downstream – as the undisputed market leader in terms of our technology and our co-branding appeal.

What’s more, Polygiene is safe to use next to the skin. Treated garments do not interfere with the skin’s natural bacterial flora.

Our consistent and systematic approach in offering customers value-added co-branding is also unique. We have invested significant resources in training customers and their customers. And in marketing to continually increase the value of the Polygiene brand. Polygiene helps both partner brands and their retailers with marketing and with communicating clear benefits to consumers. This enhances the value of our partner brands and their retailers.