We offer an ingredient brand that through functional chemistry helps our customers to create added value to the consumers making a smaller CO2 footprint. Our value propositions of Innovation, Trust, Know-how, Quality and Service are aligned to our customers’ needs. They are designed and managed to create value for them and their products. When we create value for our customers, we create value for ourselves. Our success can be attributed not just to our innovative technologies, but also to our commercial commitment to our partners. We support our partners with three critical pillars – Technical, Marketing and Sales. We call this our Trinity Business Model.



Our Commercial team serves our brand partners based on their specific demand. We offer a full-service approach meaning that we support them all the way from the start when signing the agreement to the finishing line when the product is sold to the end consumer. Initially, the focus is on identifying opportunities, define project plans and coordinate the application process. After the functional performance is delivered, the commercial team engages the marketing people to secure the co-branding and the communication. The sales managers do follow-ups and evaluate the joint business to constantly improve the relationship.


Our Technical team works closely with our partners to ensure that proper and effective treatment is carried out. We ensure compliance with quality and environmental requirements and stay updated on regulations and demands in the different markets. We also help our partner with mill certification programs, testing and hands-on support. We are always available to answer questions and resolve issues. As a market leader, it is vital that we stay committed to driving long-term product development and innovation. We see this as an important investment for our continued success.


Our Marketing team works closely with our partners to help them leverage the Polygiene® brand and helps provide hang tags and sew-in labels that communicate the bene­fits of our technologies. We also help with messaging and communication including public relations, retail and sales staff training, sales material, events, digital sales campaigns and social media. Our team is committed to educating end-consumers to appreciate the benefits of our technology and create preference for our brand. We routinely con­duct market research across geographies and consumer categories to understand the needs of consumers, learn what the market trends are and get a better understand­ing of consumer drivers.


We support our partners with three critical pillars – Technical, Marketing and Sales. We call this our Trinity Business Model.