About Polygiene


Our brand is built around odor control and antimicrobial functionality. Our Polygiene® Stays Fresh technologies ensure clothes stay fresh longer, so they don’t need frequent washing. This extends the lifespan of clothes and promotes sustainability.

Today, we are the market leader in the stays fresh category with a significant brand awareness in the industries we operate in. We work with our partner brands by providing treatment to clothing, footwear, equipment, textiles and other materials. This treatment provides natural odor, bacteria and virus control. We have more than 200 partners around the globe in various segments such as Sport & Outdoor, Lifestyle, Home Design, Footwear and Workwear.

Sustainability is at the core of our business

As an organization, we are proud of our strong environmental credentials and focus. Our manufacturing in Europe follows stringent environmental regulations. Our technologies are bluesign® certified. This means that they meet strict independent environmental and product life cycle standards. Clothes and other products treated with Polygiene® can be recycled and our solutions are not based on nano silver.

Because our technology is applied at the manufacturer’s facility during the finishing stage, the environmental impact is minimized as additional energy and water is not required. This is another step towards sustainability.

With Polygiene®, apparel, footwear and gear stay fresh longer. Because they don’t have to be washed as often as regular products, they last longer. Our vision is to bring about fundamental habit and lifestyle changes in consumers by offering eco-friendlier options. This ‘clean and green’ approach to consumption is our guiding star and we believe it will be beneficial to the environment and our planet in the long run.

In 2019 Polygiene OdorCrunch was awarded the Sustainability Award from the Scandinavian Outdoor Group.