About Addmaster


This brings together two major players to create a powerhouse capable of dominating the category, create synergies and get unprecedented scale.

Our combined technologies will now allow our customers to access the performance benefits of antimicrobial, antiviral and anti-odor efficacy for both hard and soft surfaces.

The acquisition of Addmaster, which happened on January 8, 2021, is a milestone in Polygiene’s history. From a strategic perspective, the acquisition makes eminent business sense, given the synergies that exist between the companies. For more than a decade, Polygiene and Addmaster have fostered a strong partnership. Now, we can strengthen our position and dominate the market with a complete offering. This is a winning formula for value creation for our customers and our stakeholders. The two companies complement each other very well, and like Polygiene, Addmaster has completed 2020 with strong growth and fantastic results.

This acquisition will broaden the Polygiene range to cover materials other than textiles, as well as leveraging the global sales network, one of Polygiene’s strengths. At the same time, under its existing brand, Addmaster will be able to offer and meet the increasing demand for antimicrobial textile treatments.

About Addmaster

Founded in 2000, Addmaster is a specialist when it comes to antimicrobial technology and hard surfaces. As the leading supplier of technically innovative additives for the plastics, paper, paints and coatings industries, they offer an extensive resource center for master batches, compounds and liquid or powder dispersions for any application. Today, their product portfolio consists of Biomaster – antimicrobial technology, Verimaster – brand protection and product verification, Scentmaster – flavor and scent master batches, and Masterpiece – bespoke service to create adapted additive solutions.

Visit Addmaster website: https://www.addmaster.co.uk

Polygiene® acquires Addmaster Holdings Limited, making it a comprehensive supplier of antimicrobial solutions for both hard and soft surfaces.