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Today Polygiene is the market leader in the odor control segment, with regard to technology leadership as well as brand recognition. The Company has taken on the task of establishing and developing the odor control/Polygiene Stay Fresh® category for textiles in various segments.


Polygiene in the world

Polygiene meets market needs

Polygiene meets, through its products and solutions, the needs of both consumers and brand partners for the best odor-control functionality, Polygiene Stay Fresh® and Polygiene – Wear More. Wash Less.®. Through its unique overall concept, which includes not only the products but also the application technology and active marketing support, the Company helps its customers present Polygiene in the right context. In doing so, the advantages as well as the pleasure of using garments and products treated with Polygiene become clear. Polygiene complies with all product, environmental and safety requirements imposed through legislation and industry-specific certifications.

Market potential 

Synthetic materials – especially polyester – represent a growing proportion of global textile production. Polyester is used to manufacture sportswear, lifestyle and functional clothing, shoes, accessories, protective gear and home textiles. Textile materials based on polyester fibers have many advantages in terms of good, flexible characteristics as well as cost and resource efficiency. Polyester and other synthetic fibers can also be recycled, which holds true even if they are treated with Polygiene. However, a well-known disadvantage of polyester-based fabrics is that they provide excellent breeding grounds for odor-causing bacteria. “Stinky polyester” is well-known phenomenon, and Polygiene offers an effective, environmentally friendly solution that keeps clothing, shoes, protective gear such as helmets and knee pads, and other garments and articles odor free.

Polygiene now operates globally in the premium brand segment, and sales for 2015 amount to just over MSEK 50 across four segments, with the Sport & Outdoor segment being the largest.

  • Sport & Outdoor (sportswear, protective gear, outdoor, hunting, fishing and more): approximately MSEK 30 
  • Lifestyle (shirts, blouses, trousers, suits, undergarments, socks, shoes and more): approximately MSEK 5 
  • Home Textiles (towels, bedsheets, pillowcases, mattresses, pillows and more): approximately MSEK 10 
  • Other (paint, flooring, sanitary equipment and more): approximately MSEK 5

In 2015, over 15 million meters of fabric were treated with Polygiene products. This represents less than five percent of the long-term global sales potential of the Company, according to Polygiene’s own assessment of the relevant market potential. 

A notable trend that can be discerned is the convergence of various market segments, for instance Sport and Lifestyle, where fitness and fashion are merging. This development is advantageous to Polygiene.

ABC analysis: Share of total revenues 2015*
51.5 MSEK, %

* Unaudited figures
** Based on the location of customer headquarters/purchasing office
*** Customer segments ranked by revenues

Well positioned

Polygiene well positioned to become the global leader in the odor control category in segments other than Sport & Outdoor

The most successful brand leaders in the textile industry within the ingredient brand category, such as Gore-Tex and Lycra, are characterized by distinct functionality. These brands address a clear and perceived consumer need, thereby creating significant customer value. This customer value can be communicated through co-branding in a simple and consistent manner by marketing consumer products that offer functionality, such as waterproof shoes or jackets with Gore-Tex membranes.

Successful ingredient brands can co-brand with premium brand partners, which strengthens the consumer appeal and value of both brands.

Polygiene’s premium brand partners to a great extent use Polygiene co-branding in their marketing communications to describe the odor control functionality or Polygiene Stay Fresh®. This increases the consumer appeal and value of their products.

Experience from other types of ingredient brands indicates that the leader in each respective category (in terms of functionality) can become a strong market leader by setting a standard that other actors then may try to emulate. Polygiene has managed to take the leadership position in the odor control category and has very good prospects to further consolidate and strengthen this position within the Sport & Outdoor segment. Polygiene is also now well on its
way to establishing a leadership position in the Lifestyle and Home Textiles segments.

Sew-in labels, Care labels, Hangtags and Point-of-sale materials

Polygiene delivers a comprehensive and proven solution

Polygiene supplies the additive as well as:

  • Training with customized applications as well as sustainability and performance testing
  • Brand development for product and functionality: hangtags, sew-in labels, care labels
  • Workshops about Polygiene for the sales force, launch support
  • Training and “seeding” for retail – “seeing is believing”
  • Customer testimonials, PR/media, internet and support for social media