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Why clothing stinks and what you can do about it.

“Stinky polyester” is a well-known phenomenon that occurs when bacteria grow on textiles. There are several fundamentally different approaches to avoiding the problem:

  • Wash clothing more frequently – but even after laundering clothing can still smell bad which means it does not solve the whole problem.
  • Reduce the conditions for bacterial growth by choosing a material, for instance wool, which does not promote the growth of bacteria.
  • Treat the material with a solution like Polygiene that reduces bacterial growth in a skin-friendly and environmentally friendly way.
  • Encapsulate odor that arises.

Polygiene works with the best solutions for any given application and user segment. Capable of being applied to thread as well as fabric, the Company’s solutions are so effective that the application of only a small amount of solution is sufficient to provide long-lasting odor control that remains effective throughout the lifetime of the garment.

To a great extent, the Company’s solutions are based on naturally occurring silver salt made from recycled silver. The silver salts effectively inhibit bacterial growth, thereby reducing odor as well as the need to frequently wash the treated garments. 

Polygiene’s textiles and applications expertise

Polygiene has developed and offers products and treatment methods, with the minimal application of Polygiene’s products, that ensure permanent odor control from the first use and throughout the product’s lifetime. One of Polygiene’s strengths is the Company’s unique textile and applications expertise, which means that the Company can offer the best solution for each manufacturing process and area of use.

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