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The Company Polygiene is building the brand Polygiene® around odor control functionality and Polygiene Stays Fresh® solutions for consumers. Polygiene is building its brand by actively working with the entire value chain from development and manufacturing at subcontractor sites to marketing, distribution and active customer support.


Polygiene caters primarily to manufacturers of leading premium clothing brands and their customers. The offering consists of treatment of textiles or material, functional solutions, knowledge and active support for odor control and Polygiene’s Stay Fresh concept. The aim is to offer customers comprehensive solutions for their respective product ranges and apparel brands. The advantage to the market and benefits to the Company’s customers are:

  • A general increase in freshness and improved hygiene on all materials, both soft and hard.
  • Reduction of odor primarily on textiles (sportswear) and sports equipment that are difficult to wash (for example, helmets and other protective gear).
  • Extended product life span by inhibiting the growth of odor-causing microbes, which cause product degradation and bad smell.
  • The brand’s ability to quickly and clearly communicate its advantages, and thereby realize the added value for both Polygiene’s customers and consumers alike. 

To the best of its knowledge, the Company uses the best functioning technologies that are also bluesign® certified, which means that they meet strict independent environmental and product life cycle standards. The additives sold by Polygiene are manufactured in the EU and Japan using minimal resources and complying with stringent environmental requirements. Some of Polygiene’s solutions are based on low concentrations of silver salts made of recycled silver. Clothing treated with Polygiene can be recycled. Polygiene’s solutions are not based on nanosilver. 

Polygiene is a member of the Chemicals Group of Swerea, the Swedish Research Institute for Industrial Renewal and Sustainable Development, which means that the Company is continually updated on, and can actively contribute to, possible changes in legislation and regulations involving chemicals and other environmental issues.

All signs indicate that demand for Polygiene’s solutions for odor control and freshness will remain strong and continue to grow.

Great potential in the odor control market

Polygiene has had a major impact in the Sport & Outdoor segment (including clothing, protective gear and related products), where the growth potential remains strong. New segments that are now actively being addressed are clothing (fashion-, sports- and workwear), footwear, home textiles and other segments. In several application areas, the Company has only started to cultivate certain segments to a limited extent, and the market penetration in these segments is still low. The assessment of the market potential in these new segments is therefore expected to be significant.

General company information

Polygiene is a Swedish public limited liability company, whose company registration number is 556692-4287, and was registered with the Swedish Company Registration Office on 1 December 2005. The Company’s legal form is a limited liability company, as regulated by the Swedish Companies Act (2005:551). The Board of Directors is domiciled in Malmö, Sweden. Polygiene AB has no subsidiaries but owns 49 percent of the associated company Polygiene Limited, company registration number 06803458.